5 Important Kung Fu Safety Tips

For centuries, the art of Kung Fu has been practiced globally. Martial arts are a miraculous form of exercise as well as an entire lifestyle to over 5 million people in the United States alone. The beauty of Kung Fu is that it can be practiced at any age and lessons are available nationwide. Due to the violent nature of martial arts and Kung Fu specifically, there is no doubt that concerns regarding safety may arise. It may seem dangerous at first glance, listed below are 5 tips to keep you safe while practicing Kung Fu.


Protective Gear

There is no doubt that Kung Fu can be a dangerous activity. However, the single most important thing to do in order to remain safe while practicing Kung Fu is to wear protective gear. Kung Fu involves punches and kicks that can cause serious damage. Protective gear is available to protect almost every part of your body. If nothing else, there are 3 articles of protective gear that should be worn at all times: a head shield, a mouth guard, and a protective cup (males). Mid-section pads, as well as shin and foot pads, are also available.


Do Not Abuse Kung Fu


With Kung Fu, you will learn to use your body and surroundings as weapons in an attempt at self-defense. The mental effects of exercise can truly be felt when you do Kung Fu. You will learn several techniques that will assist you in a variety of situations. All of this knowledge can be tempting to use, especially when our emotions are running hot. It is very important to remain calm in such situations and not use dangerous tactics on an undeserving victim. The practice of Kung Fu will also teach you how to channel your emotions.


Take Lessons from Trained Professionals


A good deal can be very tempting but you wouldn’t receive medical advice from a person that has not passed their boards, would you? The same thought process should be used when looking for Kung Fu instructors. With the dangers that come with Kung Fu and its practices, you do not want to learn the wrong thing from an amateur. In doing so, you may be putting yourself in much greater harm than martial arts already includes. Do your research on the facility as well as instructor and observe a lesson or two before deciding if that particular location will work for you.


Follow Instructions


You will learn many powerful holds, grabs, and strikes in your practices. It is critical that instructions are followed when learning techniques. Many injuries have occurred because strikes and blocks were not performed correctly. Instructors have years of training and teaching under their belts and expect you to follow their commands in their class. This is not only important while you are learning but it ensures your safety as well.


Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Kung Fu will test you mentally and physically. It is imperative that you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine while practicing Kung Fu. Our bodies need the proper nutrients and rest in order to perform at their maximum peak. Martial arts will indeed push you to your limits. A healthy lifestyle will also allow your body to heal quicker from such strenuous activities.


It is without question that Kung Fu includes some risk. While most of the injuries are minor such as bruises and small lacerations, broken bones are fairly common as well. With that being said, Kung Fu is not anywhere near the risk levels of common sports such as football and hockey. With Kung Fu, you will learn discipline and hot to properly defend yourself along with many other skills to assist you in everyday life.